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Inspired by Innovation: Christopher Carter’s Vision for Tech Success


Christopher Carter is leading the baton of visionary leadership and expertise in the fast-paced world of enterprise technology. With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Christopher has cemented his reputation as a forward-thinking CEO who pioneers groundbreaking solutions for enterprises worldwide.

As the Chairman and CEO of Approyo, Christopher is driving innovation in SAP, AI, and cloud solutions. His relentless pursuit of excellence has propelled Approyo to become a global leader in providing cutting-edge technology services to businesses of all sizes.

Numerous milestones and accolades mark Christopher’s journey in the technology sector. In 2005, he created the first SAP cloud used by an SAP client, a testament to his trailblazing approach to cloud computing. Additionally, his role in establishing the first SAP HANA production cloud for a blue-chip client further solidified his position as an industry innovator.

Apart from his role at Approyo, Christopher is also a Co-founder of Impala Ventures—an investment firm dedicated to supporting startups and entrepreneurs in the IT sector. His commitment to fostering innovation extends past his own company, demonstrating his dedication to the growth and success of the industry.

Christopher has been honored with prestigious awards throughout his career, including being recognized as a Top Business Winner, an ACQ award recipient, and an Inc. 500 and 5000 honoree. He is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, further emphasizing his expertise and influence in the IT field. Driven by a passion for unlocking the power of data with AI and chatbots, Christopher is steadfast in his mission to deliver unparalleled value to Approyo’s customers and partners.

Embracing Possibilities

Christopher’s journey into the world of technology began like many others, with a passion ignited during his college days at the Georgia Institute of Technology. “I love computers, learning about them, playing with them, taking them apart,” he reminisces. His fascination with enhancing computer performance led him into the intricate ecosystem of SAP, where he embraced cloud computing and virtualization advancements.

Over the last 25/30 years of my career, I have taken the mantra of learning more, growing more, and doing more with those I play with artificial intelligence, otherwise known as A.I. Cloud computing and the benefits around it for SAP,” Christopher explains. His journey is a living, walking example of the endless possibilities that technology offers as he continues to advance and innovate in an ever-changing landscape.

Empowering Growth

When SAP started utilizing in-memory database activity and started moving towards HANA, and the future wave was coming, I was inspired to start the company,” Christopher recalls. Already immersed in cloud technology and fascinated by Artificial Intelligence, he saw an opportunity to align his passions with the advancing landscape of technology.

Christopher explains, “What value and the company’s mission and vision under my leadership is an excellent question because I believe in helping others to achieve their goals no matter whether it’s a partner, a client, a staff member, or someone that I’ve just met at a conference.” He adds, “I genuinely am trying to help educate them and build them up in our ecosystem.” His dedication to empowering others reflects the core ethos of his leadership, driving the company forward with a commitment to collaboration and growth.

Pursuit of Technological Excellence

Christopher’s dedication to staying abreast of the latest technological developments is untiring. “I am constantly reading, learning, going to conferences, and meeting with executives of technology teams, whether it’s a larger organization such as SAP or a smaller startup with a new technology that is growing or looking to join our ecosystem,” he affirms.

His proactive approach to learning and networking allows him to envision the future and shape the trends within the ecosystem. Christopher ensures his company remains at the forefront of innovation by keeping a pulse on emerging technologies and industry insights.

Driving Collective Progress

I am constantly trying to promote excellence within our team members by helping them learn, grow, and move forward with their path,” Christopher emphasizes. “It does not have to be my path or the company’s path, but it needs to be one, and together, it is something that truly benefits them, moves them forward, assists them, and helps them become better at what they do.”

His commitment to fostering a culture of growth and empowerment underlines the importance of collective progress within the team, where each individual’s journey contributes to the organization’s overall success.

Leading with Expertise

Christopher’s extensive background in technology, particularly as a leader in Artificial Intelligence and ERP, infuses a unique perspective into the group dynamic. “I bring the knowledge and skill set that I’ve gained over these 30 years to truly help them benefit who they are, what their company could be, or what they can be and to move forward in our ecosystem,” he explains.

His willingness to share his expertise and support individuals seeking growth, whether during trade shows or day-to-day interactions, underscores his commitment to advancing individuals and the broader ecosystem.

Revolutionizing IT Monitoring with AI

AI and chatbots are transforming the IT landscape, particularly within cloud computing and SAP solutions,” Christopher notes. “They will take on the role of menial tasks. They will indeed be the ones going in there maintaining and monitoring, providing essential basic support to the entire landscape.”

Christopher describes the functionality of Overwatch, an AI-based tool, as follows: “That tool is an AI-based tool that monitors the entire landscape, whether it is SAP, Oracle, or any other tools in the landscape. It continuously monitors 24/7, 365; we do not have to have employees’ eyes on every entity, port, database, or table. The application does that for us.” This innovative approach streamlines management and monitoring processes, marking a significant shift in the IT industry’s landscape.

Prioritizing Challenges

Every day brings its share of challenges, ranging from minor to life-altering,” Christopher reflects. “You must pick the most important ones and move forward on that one first. Minor tasks can be offloaded to other staff members.”

He says, “Major tasks need to fall on your shoulders, but you always have to make the decision, and you need to be the one who can solve the problem as the CEO. The more complex the challenge, the more it falls on you and the less complicated you can push off to other staff members to make less critical decisions.” As a CEO, navigating these challenges requires strategic prioritization and decisiveness to ensure effective problem-solving and business continuity.

Pioneering SAP and AI

Would it be wrong of me to say world domination in the SAP and artificial intelligence world? That’s a little arrogant, but I want to continue to have our organization in the leader’s quadrant for SAP,” Christopher muses.

He adds, “Our capabilities, management, and support utilizing our Overwatch tool will make companies save money, learn more, grow more, and become the best-run companies in the world thanks to our toolset and organization.” With a focus on innovation and excellence, Christopher aims to position his organization at the forefront of the SAP and Artificial Intelligence landscape by delivering unparalleled value to clients worldwide.

Empowering Enterprises

Well, I’ll always be known as the guy who launched the first SAP cloud at Sapphire, so that’s fun,” Christopher reflects. “I’m also very fortunate that I have an incredible company, and I think the legacy will move on whether it is a standalone entity or acquired in the years ahead.” He also notes that one thing will always be known: Christopher tried his best in this ecosystem. He tried to help educate, teach, and move people forward to the best possible solutions if they didn’t want to take on the responsibility of learning or were too stupid to understand the benefits.

Christopher proudly supports this in his own words, “I will still sleep well at night knowing that I gave my best and they failed at doing the tasks that they needed to do to make their company successful.” He observes instances where companies lack understanding, citing one currently struggling with cloud technology. “They claim leadership without understanding the basics, costing their company millions,” Christopher laments.

Christopher’s candid assessment underscores the importance of understanding and embracing technology to drive business success. It also highlights the potential consequences of neglecting essential knowledge in the rapidly advancing digital landscape.

Passion, Perseverance and Sacrifice

The first thing is to jump out there, get in place, create your tool, create your company, and go at it. Do it if you have a passion, and if you have a drive, go and do it,” Christopher advises. “I’ve done it several times and am doing it with multiple companies, but you must have a passion and be willing to sacrifice. I’ve offered for 30 years everything from missing birthdays for my daughters to missing events around my family.”

He emphasizes the importance of dedication and perseverance, noting, “What will you do when you’re making a ten-day trip to Europe and it gets extended? Will you pout and cry about it, or will you do it and do the hard work needed to succeed? If you can’t put in the hard work without whining and crying about it, then you don’t deserve to be an entrepreneur, and you will never have the passion for succeeding.” Christopher’s candid advice underscores the reality of entrepreneurship, highlighting the necessity of commitment and resilience in achieving success.

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