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Innovative office chair made from eco-friendly material crafted from wood by-products


Sustainable Office Chair Made from Innovative Paper-Like Material

As sustainability becomes a more prominent focus in the design world, the definition of “sustainable” broadens to include various materials and practices. While recycled materials are common, a new breed of sustainable design is emerging, using biodegradable materials like wood, cork, and paper. One such innovative example is a minimalist office chair that reimagines waste wood by-products into a cutting-edge material.

Designed by Arper, the chair is not literally made from paper but rather from a material called PaperShell, developed by a Swedish startup of the same name. This unique material transforms wood by-products like sawdust and chips, as well as waste wood such as fallen branches, into a paper-like substance that offers rigidity, stability, and beauty. By repurposing these materials that would otherwise go to waste, the chair embodies sustainability in its very essence.

The Catifa Carta chair compresses dozens of PaperShell sheets into a composite that is molded into a sleek design sitting atop slender metal legs. Unlike traditional chairs, the Catifa Carta retains the natural imperfections of the material, showcasing a unique character in each piece. This raw beauty is reminiscent of the natural grains in wood and adds charm to the chair’s aesthetic.

What sets this chair apart is its end-of-life story. PaperShell can be recycled to create new products or turned into biochar to enrich the Earth. The material sequesters carbon dioxide, benefiting soil health and completing a circular life cycle that is truly sustainable. Arper has designed the Catifa Carta for easy disassembly, ensuring a seamless transition back into the environment.

Beyond its ecological benefits, the Catifa Carta is a functional and well-designed piece of furniture. While some may question its ergonomics for long work hours, the chair offers a comfortable and stylish seating option. Sitting on the Catifa Carta is not just about comfort; it’s about celebrating the journey of this wood-like material from humble beginnings to a refined and sustainable design.

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