Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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A unique marketplace for innovation

In April of this year, Control will bring together the latest technologies in vision technology, image processing, sensor technology, and measuring and test technology in Stuttgart for its 36th edition. The event serves as a platform to showcase various types of measuring technology relevant to all industries.

Control 2024 aims to continue the success of the previous year, with 43% of exhibitors coming from outside of Germany. Fabian Krüger, control project manager at P.E Schall, organizers of the exhibition, anticipates impressive and trailblazing solutions for quality assurance and an expanded range of topics.

Quality assurance plays a crucial role in many industries and sectors, which is reflected at the Control trade fair. Fabian explains, “Measurement, testing, inspection, evaluation, documentation – end-to-end solutions for these functions are required everywhere as more data is captured, analyzed, and linked to achieve transparency and consistency. Software and intelligent evaluation algorithms are increasingly important.”

Control serves as a unique meeting place for quality assurance experts from around the world, facilitating an exchange of expertise among exhibitors and expert visitors. The event allows solution suppliers to directly engage with quality managers, engineers, and production experts.

Bettina Schall, managing director of P.E Schall, emphasizes the impact of quality inspection and assurance on all industries and highlights the rapid development of technology showcased at Control. The trade fair format focuses on top technologies, practical relevance, and internationalism.

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