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Innovation and Integrity: Fares Habib’s Commitment to Technological Advancement


Competition in the market is fierce, with companies constantly seeking ways to stay ahead. However, amidst this landscape, there’s a prevailing misconception about robots – that they’re here to take your job. But what if I told you they’re here to help?

That’s the vision embodied by Fares Habib, CEO of Robotiques Cyborg, who actively works in this domain. Leading a company that provides services including software development along with assistance robots and smart glasses to various sectors and industries, Fares envisions a new digitalized world. His vision? To create a new digitalized world with the help of augmented reality, robotics and cybersecurity, all aimed at achieving better efficiency of work, reduced costs and ultimately, saving the planet.

But Fares’ journey didn’t start in the world of technology. With a background in diamond grading and polishing, he developed an eye for detail and quality – qualities that now permeate every aspect of his work. Coupled with a business management degree, where he honed his analytical skills and learned to apply them to different business scenarios, Fares is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the tech industry.

What sets Fares apart is his unwavering commitment to building strategic partnerships with the best tech organizations around the world. His aim? To connect and provide the whole world with the best new technologies. And through it all, Fares remains loyal and clear to his partners and customers, delivering the best service that Robotiques Cyborg can offer to everyone around the world.

Seizing Opportunities

In 2021, Fares embarked on a journey fueled by necessity and innovation. “I was bringing a solution for my own restaurant after COVID,” he recalls, reflecting on the genesis of his venture. Determined to navigate the challenges of a post-pandemic world, he sought to implement a contactless service solution. Yet, he encountered a glaring gap in the market. “I discovered that there was not a proper company in France for these types of products,” he notes. Undeterred, Fares seized the opportunity to fill this void by laying the foundation for his own company.

Armed with distribution contracts and a tenacious spirit, Fares soon recognized the vast potential within the realm of technology. “I had a vision with smart glasses of Vuzix,” he shares. Recognizing Vuzix’s prominence in the market, Fares saw an avenue to revolutionize various industries. “We can make things much easier like direct translation through augmented reality,” he illustrates the transformative power of his vision. By harnessing augmented reality, Fares aims to dismantle language barriers and foster global connectivity.

Moreover, Fares envisions leveraging collaborative service robots to streamline operations and enhance productivity. “For the bosses, it can reduce the charges and be able to continue working on the long term,” he highlights the economic benefits of automation.

Simultaneously, these innovations promise to alleviate the burdens placed on employees for enhancing their quality of life. “It can take out the hard tasks and make employees’ lives much easier,” Fares emphasizes, underscoring the human-centric approach that underpins his endeavors. Through foresight and ingenuity, Fares navigates the evolving landscape of technology, charting a course toward a future defined by innovation and accessibility.

Navigating Industry 4.0

Cyborg Robotics is the official distributor of Autoxing, Dobot, Temi, Vuzix, and Opsec Security in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and is revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge robotics.

Fares shares his vision, “We redefine possibilities through cutting-edge robotics. Established in 2021, our mission is to empower industries with advanced automation solutions.”

With Autoxing, Dobot and Temi robotics, Fares and his team usher in Industry 4.0 to enhance human efficiency. Surface analyzes identify eligible locations for robot installation. They offer personalized programming, after-sales service utilizing cloud technology for remote diagnostics and tailored robot configurations to meet customer needs.

Conversing about Augmented Reality, Vuzix offers an XR AR experience that bridges the real and virtual worlds. Augmented reality glasses simplify and secure professional tasks. From industries like healthcare to logistics, they provide customized applications and software solutions for both professionals and individuals. Opsec Security ensures product authenticity and brand protection with cutting-edge technologies. “Our digital printers authenticate products and combat fraud,” Fares notes.

Through exclusive partnerships with Autoxing and collaborations with Vuzix, DOBOT and Temi, Fares and his team expand their product range and drive continuous innovation. “We distribute advanced service robots exclusively in France and Spain,” Fares highlights. Leveraging smart glasses, collaborative robotic arms and publicity robotics, they cater to diverse industry needs.

At Cyborg Robotics, Fares and his team aren’t just embracing the future—they’re shaping it!

Redefining Possibilities

As a CEO, the challenge I face is introducing a brand new product in the market, specifically in France, with no statistics, no real market, to create it and innovate,” Fares explains.

Launching a product in such circumstances requires vision, adaptability and a willingness to take calculated risks. This challenge is not just about introducing a new product—it’s about pioneering a path where none existed before, navigating uncharted territory and ultimately redefining what’s possible.

Culture of Growth and Achievement

Our work culture is characterized by collaboration, flexibility and a relentless pursuit of excellence,” Fares explains. At Cyborg Robotics, these values aren’t just words on paper—they’re the foundation of everything Fares and the team do with the belief in open communication, constructive feedback and a growth mindset.

By fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, empowering every team member to thrive and make meaningful contributions to the field. Fares states, “Because when we work together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.”

Harnessing Technology for Societal Betterment

At Robotiques Cyborg, Fares and his team leverage technological advancements to create innovative solutions that are scalable, efficient and personalized to meet the diverse needs of our users.

The approach encompasses advanced models, scalable infrastructure, automation, integration with emerging technologies, customization and ethical practices. By embracing these principles, the aim is to make solutions resourceful, ethical and impactful across various sectors. At the core of the mission is a commitment to harnessing technology for the betterment of society, driving positive change and shaping a brighter future for all.

Reshaping Automation Machinery Manufacturing

If given the chance to bring change to the Automation Machinery Manufacturing industry, I aim to revolutionize it by focusing on enhancing flexibility and adaptability through advanced robotics and AI,” Fares declares.

His vision encompasses a fundamental shift towards sustainability and efficiency. Prioritizing sustainability and efficiency through eco-friendly practices and renewable energy sources. He highlights the crucial role of ethical responsibility in driving industry transformation. With this approach, Fares seeks to reshape the landscape of automation machinery manufacturing and pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Prioritizing Client Success

At Robotiques Cyborg, we foster strong client relationships by prioritizing open communication, customization and delivering high-quality solutions,” Fares explains. The emphasis is on transactions and building lasting partnerships.

We provide timely support and maintenance, aiming for long-term partnerships built on trust and collaboration,” he adds. By prioritizing client needs and maintaining transparent communication channels, Robotiques Cyborg ensures that every client feels valued and supported throughout their journey.

Pioneering Pathways

Our achievement lies in our ability to establish a distribution channel in EMEA by employing cutting-edge technology in our industry,” Fares proudly declares. The success is about pioneering new pathways and shaping the industry landscape.

Additionally,” he continues, “we’ve contributed to the economic cycle by aiding employees in streamlining repetitive tasks.” Through automation and innovation, Robotiques Cyborg not only enhances productivity but also fosters economic growth.

Looking ahead, Fares shares, “Our future project entails assisting older individuals and those facing challenges.” With a forward-thinking approach, the company is committed to leveraging technology for social good, ensuring that everyone can benefit from advancements in automation and robotics.

Enhancing Lives

Our forthcoming initiative aims to support individuals in need by leveraging software from Spain and hardware from China,” Fares reveals. The initiative embodies a collaborative effort spanning continents, merging expertise and resources for a common cause.

Currently establishing a production line in the UAE for fostering a partnership between Europe, China and the UAE. This is to develop software aimed at aiding older individuals in performing tasks that may be challenging due to their age. Through this initiative, Robotiques Cyborg strives to harness technology to enhance the quality of life for older individuals, fostering independence and inclusivity.

We collaborate with partners at the robotics factory in the UAE, integrating software from Spain and collaborating with a global leader in robotics,” Fares explains. The collaboration is about driving innovation and pushing boundaries. “Additionally, we’re spearheading the development of an advanced luxury car factory, prioritizing renewable energy and safety features, boasting a range of 1000km,” he adds.

Optimizing Performance

In anticipation of the next significant change in the Automation Machinery Manufacturing sector,” Fares reveals, “our company is focusing on leveraging advanced robotics and AI technologies to enhance automation capabilities.”

The objective is clear—to stay ahead of the curve and pioneer innovation. “We’re investing in research, development and collaboration to create innovative solutions that optimize performance, reduce downtime and improve productivity,” he emphasizes.

By prioritizing interoperability and connectivity, Robotiques Cyborg aims to seamlessly integrate with other manufacturing technologies and solidifying its position as an industry leader driving meaningful change.

Building Tomorrow

In the long run,” Fares envisions, “Robotiques Cyborg aims to be a global leader in Automation Machinery Manufacturing, focusing on market expansion, technological innovation, customer success, sustainability, and employee development.”

The ambition is to leave a lasting impact on a global scale. “Our vision is to deliver innovative solutions, exceptional quality and customer satisfaction while upholding our core values of excellence and integrity,” he emphasizes.

With a steadfast commitment to these principles, Robotiques Cyborg endeavors to not only meet but exceed expectations, setting a standard of excellence in the industry.

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