Sunday, June 23, 2024

‘Increased Sales of Desserts in Afyonkarahisar During Ramadan’


As iftar time approaches, the dessert shops in Uzunçarşı and Ambaryolu are bustling with customers in Afyonkarahisar. Interested citizens flock to these shops to indulge in a variety of traditional desserts such as bread kadayifi, pumpkin dessert, revani, telkadayıfı, rice pudding, tulumba, lokma, and baklava, with Güllaç being a favorite among many.

Şükrü Pancar, a dessert maker in the area, noted that during Ramadan, iftar tables are adorned with a colorful array of desserts. He mentioned that Afyon cream-based desserts like Güllaç, bread kadayıf, pumpkin dessert, and revani are particularly popular, with an increase in sales seen during this period. Güllaç, known for its lightness, is especially sought after by customers.

Salih Sayır, another dessert seller, also mentioned the uptick in business during Ramadan, with dessert sales performing well. Both Pancar and Sayır emphasized the importance of introducing new and different desserts during this holy month to cater to the increased demand.

As the month of Ramadan progresses, these dessert shops in Afyonkarahisar are sure to continue serving up delectable treats to satisfy the cravings of locals and visitors alike.

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