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How to Write a Comprehensive Criminal Law Essay? A Complete Guide – Insights Success


Criminal law is all about setting the rules and regulations for society related to what’s legally allowed and what’s not. Students pursuing this study mainly focus on various legislative approaches set for the criminal world. But when it comes to writing a criminal law essay, it gets tricky because it demands you to work on its legal rules and analyse them carefully. Students mostly find it extremely tough due to no room for a mistake there.

The following are some important statistics related to criminal law:

  • The market size of legal services in 2024 is $786.51 billion, which will grow by a CAGR of 4.52%, reaching 08 billion during 2024-2029.
  • The market size of crime risk reports was USD 6 billion in 2023, which will grow to 10.12 billion by 2024, with a CAGR of 17.7%.

Coming back towards criminal law essay writing, even the most intelligent students sometimes get lower grades in such tasks. It mostly happens due to a lack of knowledge and skills and not getting enough guidance from the instructors. In such cases, getting assistance from expert essay writers is preferable. They have the best essay writing skills, which is crucial for criminal law and morality essays to ensure 100% success.

In this step-by-step guide, we will discuss writing a perfect criminal law essay and also explore its topics and trending questions.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Criminal Law Essay Writing

Wondering how to write a criminal law essay? Follow the steps given below for a complete guide on your essay writing:


Just like the initial preparations that we often do before a function, essay writing also demands prewriting preparations. It is the phase in which students spend select their topic of research and make a proper plan to write their essays. However, you need to carefully select a topic of your choice for your criminal law essay. Right after selecting your essay topic, you should start doing research on it to cover this topic from every aspect. It will help you to fully understand your topic which will help you in the writing phase.

After that, make a proper structure for your essay and write a first draft of it. Then, give proper time for its editing and proofreading phase for success. You should also explore some strong and weak points of your topic to add more value to your essay. By following all these prewriting steps, you will be ready to start moving towards the actual essay writing.

Criminal Law Essay Structure

Just like any other law essay, criminal law also demands a complete focus on the basic essay structure to cover all the necessary criminal law essay questions and answers. For proper structure and formatting, you should consult your institute for the guidelines. A common structure that we often use for essay writing consists of the following parts:

  • Title page
  • Abstract (if needed)
  • Introduction
  • Three or more body paragraphs
  • Analysis of your sources
  • Conclusions
  • Reference page

Start with Research and Analysis

Every masterpiece comes from extensive research on the topic. So, if you are serious about getting the best grades in your criminal law essay, you need to spend more time on this research phase to have a thorough understanding of the topic. In this journey, you should follow all the relevant books, literature, news, articles, journals, case laws and legal documents. Along with it, don’t forget to note down important points side by side related to your topic that you may need later.

After compiling all the data, you should examine the information for further investigation. You should find something crazy for your topic, like legal hearings, relevant case studies and arguments. Critically look at this available data from different aspects and note down all the advantages and disadvantages given in it.

Compose Your Essay Perfectly

For essay writing, you should look at the structure we have discussed above. The first step was writing a title page that mostly consisted of your name, essay topic, submission date, level of education and the name of your institute. After that, if your teachers require you to write an abstract, you should summarise the whole essay in one page for it. Then, the actual part of essay writing begins with an introduction that ends at the conclusion part.

To properly structure your criminal law essay, you should strictly follow these guidelines:


It is the actual beginning of your essay that focuses on the purpose of your study. First of all, introduce your topic of discussion, discuss the questions you will cover and then state your aims for this study. You should clearly add your thesis statement to clarify your main points of study here.

Your introduction should not be boring or confusing because it is the part that will attract your readers and encourage them to read it till the end. So, make the start of your criminal law essay engaging as much as you can.

Background Data

Here, you should add the research data relevant to your topic, such as background knowledge of the laws, case law, and legal precepts. This part shows that you have done enough research and know everything about your topic. So, to express your knowledge, you should understand it first and then state and prove your arguments with the already existing data.

Main Body Section

This is the middle part of your criminal law essay, which mostly consists of 3 or more paragraphs, typically depending on your topic and essay length. Make short and purposeful paragraphs here to concentrate on a different facet of the subject every time.

Also, provide a coherent and logical presentation of your points backed up by research-based data. During this whole process, you should keep focussing on creating a logical flow among all these paragraphs.

Analysis and Discussion

To properly discuss your topic, you should critically analyse all the legal points and arguments made in the essay’s main body. Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each argument and discuss them as neutral. Your one-sided response will ruin your whole criminal law essay, so avoid doing such acts. Instead, you should discuss everything clearly to ensure your success in it.


It is the last writing phase where you should summarise the whole essay in a few words. It is not the abstract where we only present a summary. No, a good conclusion also includes a thesis statement and also highlights the main results of your essay. But at this point, you should avoid adding any new information because it will leave a negative impact. Furthermore, always prefer to focus on the importance of your results and also discuss the recommendations for further research here.

Add Proper References

Just like any other type of academic writing, criminal law essays also have some data from the existing knowledge that needs proper citations. You may have added a few points as proof of your answers. If you write them without giving credit to their actual authors, it will lead you towards plagiarism. Instead of doing this crime, we prefer to add references to all the data borrowed from others.

It will not only help you to avoid plagiarism but also adds more value and credibility to your criminal law essay. To add these references, you should use your institute’s citation style that your instructors have provided. It may include Chicago, MLA, APA, Harvard or any other. Furthermore, you should be consistent throughout this phase and use the same style for all the references used.

Go Through Editing and Proofreading

After finishing your first draft, give yourself some rest to ease your brain and nerves. After that, start revising and editing your criminal law essay with a fresh mind. You should read aloud to point out mistakes in your writing. To edit and proofread it well, you should mainly focus on removing all the typos, grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Also, make sure that you have properly followed your institute’s writing, citation and formatting styles.

For this purpose, you can also seek law essay writing help from a legal resource, as they have years of experience in this field. They have all the expertise to write and edit your essay excellently and ensure your top grades through their work.

Top 8 Criminal Law Essay Topics

We understand that finding the right topic becomes difficult for law students especially when they working on their criminal law essay. So, to ease your burden, we have come up with a list of unique but trending topics in this field. The following are the top 8 criminal justice essay topics:

  1. Criminal Justice System Racism Issues
  2. Exploring the Role of Voluntary and Involuntary Actions in Criminal Law
  3. The Controversy Surrounding Involuntary Manslaughter
  4. Comparing Key Differences and Implications for Civil Cases and Criminal Law
  5. Delving into the Intersection of Morality and the Law in Criminal Justice Research
  6. Understanding the Law Enforcement and Ramifications for Unlawful Killing
  7. Analysing the Ethical, Legal, and Practical Considerations for the Death Penalty
  8. Exploring the Purpose of Criminal Law Protection

Criminal Law Essay Examples

The following is an example taken from research about criminal law essay writing. Robin Antony Duff from the University of Stirling is its author:

How to Answer a Criminal Law Essay Question?

As a law student, you must understand the basics behind criminal law and should have the essay-writing skills needed to solve the required questions. So, do you have a question to answer in your criminal law essay? Follow the following simplest guide on how to answer such questions:

  1. First of all, you should read the assigned essay topic or question many times to understand what you have asked.
  2. If there are some facts or stats given, read and try to understand them.
  3. You should mainly focus on the legal issue that your question is talking about.
  4. Think about or even write some relevant laws that you know about such criminal issues discussed in the given question.
  5. After that, you should list and analyse the important facts related to that particular legal problem.
  6. Match the law to the facts and analyse what the outcome would be based on this combination.
  7. In case you don’t understand what to do, you can seek guidance from UK-based essay writing services.

What is Criminal Law, and What is its Role?

Criminal law covers a wide range of legal matters, from minor offences to serious crimes like murder and fraud. American Public University defines criminal law as behaviours that threaten people’s safety and well-being. Within criminal law, there are various types of crimes, such as murder, theft, drug offences, and fraud, each with its own penalties.

The goal of criminal law is to keep society safe from harm caused by criminal acts. It is meant to stop individuals from doing crimes by punishing criminals for these false acts. It also helps to change their behaviours for an overall positive impact on society.

What is the Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law Essays?

  • Civil law: Civil law deals with the common disputes happening between two people or companies. In this type, the victim needs to compensate the affected ones. For example, Landlord issues, property disputes, divorce, and personal injury all come under civil law.
  • Criminal law: This is the branch of law that deals with the crimes or criminal offences that are committed against the whole population or society. As a result, those criminals get legal punishments from law establishment. For example, incarceration, fines and the death penalty in some major cases.

Bottom Line

We all are aware of the fact that criminal law plays a vital role in our society to upload various laws. When law students get to write on such an important topic, they mostly get poor grades in these criminal law essays.

So, we thought to provide you with a comprehensive guide about this essay writing that no one has discussed before. It will help you to simplify your essay writing process and make it more interesting. By following these expert tips and step-by-step guide, you will be all set on a journey towards success.

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