Tuesday, June 25, 2024

‘Herma partners with RecyClass to boost sustainability efforts’


Herma, a leading European player in self-adhesive materials, has recently become a platinum member of RecyClass. RecyClass is a cross-industry initiative that focuses on enhancing the recyclability of plastic packaging and increasing the use of recycled plastics in Europe.

Dr. Stefan Kissling, head of adhesive coatings and special coatings at Herma, highlighted the importance of RecyClass in bringing together stakeholders from the plastics value chain to improve the recyclability of plastic packaging. In addition to certifications, RecyClass is also actively developing scientific testing methods for innovative materials.

The testing results are utilized in the ‘RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines’ and the free RecyClass Online Tool, which provides manufacturers and users of plastic packaging with an assessment of their packaging’s recyclability and guidelines for improvement.

Dr. Kissling expressed Herma’s pride in being part of the RecyClass community, emphasizing the company’s commitment to sustainability. By leveraging the expertise of RecyClass, Herma aims to enhance its product portfolio and advise customers on more resource-friendly and recyclable materials.

Paolo Glerean, chairman of RecyClass, welcomed Herma as a new member with extensive knowledge in recyclable plastic films and film labels. He expressed pride in having Herma join the journey towards circular plastics, highlighting the importance of collaboration in achieving more sustainable packaging solutions.

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