Monday, July 22, 2024

‘Healthtech company secures M to improve patient access and understanding of medical images’


PocketHealth, a company dedicated to simplifying the process of sharing medical images and reports for patients and healthcare providers, has secured million USD in a recent Series B funding round. This funding, led by Round13 Capital with participation from Deloitte Ventures, Samsung Next, Questa Capital, and Radical Ventures, brings the company’s total funding to over .5 million USD to date.

Founded in 2016 by brothers Harsh and Rishi Nayyar, PocketHealth offers a secure platform for exchanging diagnostic images and reports. Patients are provided with a URL by the hospital to sign up for a PocketHealth account, giving them immediate access to their medical imaging. They can easily share the link to their images with their healthcare providers or anyone else, directly from their account.

In addition to providing access to medical images, PocketHealth has evolved its platform to help patients understand their reports. The innovative “Report Reader” feature explains complex medical terms in a patient-friendly manner, while “MyCare Navigator” offers personalized questions for patients to ask their doctors.

Rishi Nayyar, CEO of PocketHealth, emphasizes the importance of empowering patients through education and engagement with their healthcare information. The company collaborates with radiologists to create accurate definitions and translations beforehand, ensuring that patients can easily interpret their reports.

With contracts with 775 hospitals and imaging centers across North America, PocketHealth has revolutionized the way medical images are shared. Hospitals benefit from cost savings and improved efficiency by eliminating the need for CD burning, while patients experience enhanced satisfaction and easier access to their medical records.

Looking ahead, PocketHealth plans to double its employee workforce and expand its footprint across the US and Canada. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the company aims to personalize the patient care journey and continue to innovate in the field of medical image sharing.

Ultimately, PocketHealth’s goal is to be at the forefront of patient-centered and network-agnostic medical image sharing. By empowering patients to take control of their healthcare information and engaging healthcare providers more deeply, the company envisions a future where every patient and provider in North America can benefit from their innovative platform.

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