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Google unveils Fitbit Ace LTE smartwatch for kids


In an era where parents grapple with balancing their children’s independence with safety, Google steps in with a solution—the Fitbit Ace LTE. This new device is designed for kids aged 7 and older and marks Fitbit’s latest foray into youth-oriented products. The Ace LTE is not just a tool for tracking physical activity but also a connected smartwatch that incorporates safety features such as reliable calling, messaging, and location sharing.

The Ace LTE aims to make physical activity enjoyable by merging exercise with digital play. It offers interactive 3D games that encourage kids to move more to unlock playtime. Utilizing the smartwatch’s built-in features like haptics, sounds, and an accelerometer, these games create a captivating experience for young users. Kids can enjoy a variety of games, such as racing through space as a chicken in a bathtub or fishing at “Smokey Lake.”

Additionally, the Fitbit Ace LTE isn’t static; it promises new games every few months through the Fitbit Arcade, ensuring that children always have new challenges to excite them. This regular update cycle helps maintain engagement and encourages continual physical activity, making exercise an adventure rather than a chore.

In addition to entertainment, the Ace LTE smartwatch provides peace of mind for parents. The inclusion of LTE connectivity allows for seamless communication and real-time location tracking. This feature ensures that parents can stay connected with their children, whether they are at school, in the park, or just playing in the backyard.

The Fitbit Ace LTE enhances the level of supervision and interaction parents and guardians can have with their children. With the new Fitbit Ace app, available on both Android and iOS, the Fitbit Ace Pass offers an array of communication and safety features. Parents can track their child’s real-time location, exchange text and voice messages, and add trusted contacts. The device settings include a School Time mode to reduce distractions during academic hours.

Additionally, the upcoming Tap to Pay feature will provide children with a secure and straightforward way to access their pocket money. Setting up the device is hassle-free; parents can simply download the Fitbit Ace app on a compatible smartphone, and children can start enjoying their new smartwatch in no time—all without the need for a SIM card, activation fees, or carrier visits, thanks to the inclusive Fitbit Ace Pass data plan.

Fitbit’s initiative to blend fun, fitness, and safety into a single device tailored for kids shows a keen understanding of the challenges today’s parents face in a technology-driven society. With the Fitbit Ace LTE, children can enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle while parents feel reassured about their safety and wellbeing.

Fitbit Ace LTE is now available for pre-order at $229.95 from Amazon here. To activate its full range of features, including built-in LTE for calling, messaging, and location sharing, along with access to Fitbit Arcade, customers will need to subscribe to the Fitbit Ace Pass. The subscription is priced at $9.99 monthly or $119.99 annually.

Those opting for the annual plan not only benefit from a collectable Ace Band valued at $34.99 at no extra cost but also enjoy a significant 50% discount on the subscription fee if purchased by August 31st. Fitbit Ace LTE will officially hit shelves on June 5th

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