Sunday, June 23, 2024

Google acquires Cameyo


Google has announced its acquisition of Cameyo, a company known for its virtual application delivery (VAD) technology. This move is part of a broader strategy by the search giant to enhance ChromeOS by making it easier to manage and access legacy applications through the cloud, moving away from traditional desktop-based environments.

A Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by Google, indicates a shift towards web-based computing, with 90 percent of IT leaders envisioning future applications primarily residing in the cloud. Despite this trend, the study reveals that 50 percent of applications are still client-based, highlighting a gap that VAD technology aims to bridge.

VAD offers a solution to the limitations of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) by simplifying the delivery of legacy software to any device, which reduces the need for complex infrastructure and specialized IT skills. ChromeOS has incorporated features from Cameyo to enhance its virtual application capabilities, including local file system integration and the conversion of legacy apps into progressive web apps (PWAs).

For ChromeOS users, this integration means more straightforward access to necessary legacy applications and enhanced security through a zero-trust security model. It also aims to boost productivity by reducing the common challenges associated with traditional virtual desktops, such as compatibility issues and slow performance.

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