Monday, July 22, 2024

Gogglebox cast reacts to RSPCA’s rebrand campaign


The RSPCA, a leading animal-welfare charity, has unveiled its new brand with a special two-minute ad that premiered on the popular TV show Gogglebox. The ad, created by Channel 4 Sales, features stars of the show alongside their pets, reviewing and reacting to the spot. This rebrand is the first for the charity since the 1970s, coinciding with the RSPCA’s 200th anniversary this year.

Running until 9 May, the ad aims to ignite conversations about pets and animal welfare among families nationwide. Cameron Cumming, director of performance at JAA, the agency behind the campaign, emphasized the strategic choice of partnering with Channel 4 and Gogglebox, stating that it perfectly aligns with the new brand message, “For every kind.”

In addition to the two-minute ad on Gogglebox, JAA has created shorter versions of the spot for TV, cinema, digital, and social media platforms. Outdoor advertising will be visible across England and Wales, with radio ads set to launch later in the year as part of the campaign.

Olivia Reid, RSPCA assistant director of marketing and communications, highlighted the charity’s mission to encourage people to rethink their relationship with all animals, not just cats and dogs. The campaign aims to shed light on various issues, from intensive farming practices to the use of animals in sports and entertainment, urging society to treat all creatures with kindness and respect.

Reid and Caroline Ayling, marketing director at JAA, will be sharing more insights on the RSPCA’s 200-year celebration at The Future of Brands event on 17 April.

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