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Gifford’s Ice Cream Resumes Production at Maine Facility Following Fire Incident


Gifford’s Ice Cream Resumes Production After Fire at Maine Plant

Gifford’s Ice Cream is back in action at its Skowhegan, Maine, plant after a year-long hiatus. The return to production comes following a devastating fire that struck the facility last year, leading to extensive damage and a halt in production. In response, the ice cream company turned to out-of-state co-packers to help meet customer demand.

Lindsay Skilling, CEO of Gifford’s Ice Cream, reflected on the challenges faced since the fire, stating, “The damage was so extensive we had to take most of our factory and offices down to the studs. It has been a year of pivoting and problem-solving. We can say now that the path forward hasn’t always been clear. But we never questioned our commitment to coming back stronger and better than ever. It feels great to be making our own ice cream again in Skowhegan.”

To resume production, the family-owned company has set up a smaller production area, currently operating at about 30% capacity compared to the full restoration goal. Two production lines are running to create quarts and bulk flavors for wholesale customers, while efforts are ongoing to rebuild offices and expand the production area. Popular flavors like Toasted Coconut and Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt, previously unavailable through co-packers, are now in production.

JC Gifford, COO of Gifford’s Ice Cream, mentioned, “Our first run of Toasted Coconut and Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt should start to hit grocery stores by mid-March. This is a significant milestone in restoring our full product lineup post-fire.” The company plans to gradually phase out co-packer partnerships and increase in-house production capacity over the months ahead.

Gifford’s HomeMaine Ice Cream, a fifth-generation family-owned business, prides itself on traditional ice cream-making practices using fresh, local ingredients. With a focus on quality and flavor, Gifford’s has garnered multiple awards for its premium ice cream products and holds partnerships with various New England sports teams. As the company works to regain full production capabilities by the end of 2024, customers can look forward to enjoying their favorite Gifford’s ice cream flavors once again.

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