Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘Funding Allocated for Greeley Lead Water Line Replacement’


The Greeley Water and Sewer Department is set to receive funding from a million state revolving loan fund to address lead-containing water service lines in the area. This financial boost will eliminate the need for a proposed 1.1% water rate increase to cover the costs of the project.

The Greeley Lead Protection Team has ambitious plans for the upcoming years. They aim to inspect and replace service lines in approximately 5,000 basements, conduct pothole inspections at over 1,000 properties, and continue with service line replacements at more than 200 properties by 2024.

This initiative is a crucial step towards ensuring safe and clean drinking water for residents in Greeley. It highlights the city’s commitment to addressing lead contamination issues and protecting public health. With the financial support in place, the project is poised to make significant progress in the coming years.

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