Saturday, April 13, 2024

From Russia with love: ROSA Fresh 12.5 delivers an improved Linux experience


From the land of matryoshkas and balalaikas, ROSA, a developer of system and infrastructure software, has released ROSA Fresh 12.5. This new version of the Russian-developed operating system is a blend of significant improvements and fresh features, aimed at improving both convenience and security.

ROSA Fresh 12.5 presents an array of installation images, catering to diverse computing needs. The update accommodates three processor architectures: x64, i686, and aarch64 (available later), and provides five user environment options. Users can select from two comprehensive graphical environments, KDE and GNOME, or opt for the lighter LXQt and Xfce systems. For those well-versed in the command line, ROSA Fresh Server offers a text interface option.

The inclusion of the updated 6.6 kernel with long-term security support ensures compatibility with the latest devices. The operating system also features MESA 23.3 graphics libraries, which support Steam and facilitate access to a wide range of games and 3D graphics. Enhancements in peripheral device support, including printers and scanners, have been made possible through ipp-usb and sane-airscan technologies.

The new version boasts a completely redesigned repository for enhanced security, with over a thousand vulnerabilities addressed. The system installer now supports auto-partitioning with data encryption, ensuring data confidentiality in the event of device loss. Additionally, a new function allows for the storage of passwords from encrypted disks in the computer’s non-volatile memory using TPM2 technology (luksunlock/lukslock), providing convenience without compromising security.

ROSA Fresh 12.5 is now available for download on the official website of STC IT ROSA here, inviting you to join the other Linux users who have already chosen the operating system for their home and professional computing endeavors. So, whether you’re sipping tea from a samovar or coding away on your computer, ROSA Fresh 12.5 is set to be the matryoshka doll of operating systems — revealing layer after layer of innovation and security.

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