Thursday, July 18, 2024

Founder Søren Rasmussen takes over after Hans Lagerweij’s departure from Albatros.


Albatros CEO Hans Lagerweij Steps Down, Company Founder Takes Over Temporarily

In a recent announcement, Albatros Expeditions revealed that CEO Hans Lagerweij has exited the company, with owner and founder Søren Rasmussen stepping into the role temporarily. Lagerweij, who had been president of Albatros from April 2019 to January 2022 before returning as CEO in July 2023, will now be focusing on his new position as board advisor and interim CCO at Positive Polar, a science-driven expedition cruise company.

Rasmussen will be leading Albatros as CEO while the company searches for a permanent replacement for Lagerweij. The transition is expected to be smooth as Rasmussen has a deep understanding of the company’s operations and a strong vision for its future.

Albatros Expeditions continues to provide unique and memorable expedition cruises, with a commitment to sustainability and responsible travel. Stay tuned for updates on the search for the new CEO and exciting developments within the company.

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