Monday, July 15, 2024

‘First AI influencer emerges in UAE on social media’


Radix Media MENA has recently unveiled the UAE’s first AI influencer, known as Mayaseen.R. This innovative move signals Radix Media’s foray into the realm of AI technology, showcasing its dedication to innovation and creativity in digital marketing.

Mayaseen.R is set to redefine the landscape of influencer marketing, representing a new era in engaging with audiences. By combining advanced AI technology with creativity, Radix Media aims to offer a unique and interactive experience for followers.

With a focus on exploring the possibilities of AI, Radix Media anticipates revolutionizing content creation and audience engagement. Mayaseen.R will be present across various social media platforms, providing insights into the journey into AI technology.

Mohan Nambiar, CEO of Radix MENA, emphasized the significance of this launch, highlighting how it will enable brands to establish deeper connections with their target audience. The AI influencer offers the potential for brands to craft authentic and captivating narratives, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence for impactful storytelling.

This milestone launch underscores Radix Media’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to delivering tangible results for clients in the dynamic digital landscape. The introduction of Mayaseen.R marks a new chapter in digital engagement and creativity, setting the stage for future advancements in AI-infused marketing strategies.

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