Monday, April 22, 2024

Firewalla launches protection for Wi-Fi 7 networks


The introduction of Wi-Fi 7 — IEEE 802.11be to its friends — marks a step forward in wireless speeds to cope with the five and 10 gigabit capabilities of fiber networks.

Of course your security needs to keep up with these speeds too and that’s why Firewalla is launching its Gold Pro 10-gigabit smart firewall.

Firewalla Gold Pro includes two 10-gigabit and two 2.5-gigabit Ethernet interfaces to help segment and add redundancy to a network. Powered by the Firewalla Software Stack, and optimized for the fastest networks in homes and small businesses, the Firewalla Gold Pro can route and inspect network traffic at 10-gigabit speeds and is fully ready to support Wi-Fi 7.

“Our dedicated community is always pushing for a better network at higher speeds. The Gold Pro makes it possible to protect their homes and offices at future speeds, without monthly fees,” says Jerry Chen, founder of Firewalla. “As small businesses upgrade their infrastructure and consumers adopt faster offerings from their ISPs, the Gold Pro gives them unmatched visibility and protection for the next generation of networks.”

The device is powered by a quad-core Intel processor and has eight gigabytes of RAM so it can scale with a growing network. It allows users to easily utilize VPNs at over two gigabits, ensuring a fast and secure network experience even on the go. Users can also segment their network with VLANs running at 10 gigabits, or connect one port to a 10-gigabit Wi-Fi 7 access point and another to a high-speed switch.

The Gold Pro is available to pre-order from today at a price of $788.

Image credit: Firewalla

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