Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Firefox Nightly expands to Linux on ARM64


Mozilla has announced Firefox Nightly for ARM64. This release will cater to the growing demand for support on ARM64 platforms, commonly referred to as AArch64.

Feedback from the community has led Mozilla to expand the availability of Firefox Nightly. Users can now access the browser as both .tar archives and .deb packages, depending on their preference and requirements for installation.

For those who favor traditional methods, the .tar.bz2 binaries are accessible through Mozilla’s downloads page by selecting the option for Firefox Nightly for Linux ARM64/AArch64. Meanwhile, users looking to utilize updates and installation through Mozilla’s APT repository can follow specific instructions to install the firefox-nightly package.

Mozilla is also transparent about the ongoing development and stabilization of the ARM64 builds. Although confident in the current quality of Firefox on this architecture, comprehensive ARM64 testing is still being integrated into Firefox’s continuous integration and release pipeline. The goal is to incorporate ARM64 builds into the extensive automated test suite of Firefox, which will eventually extend support across all channels, including beta, release, and ESR.

The organization is encouraging users to download, test, and provide feedback on the new ARM64 Firefox Nightly binaries. By actively participating and reporting issues through Mozilla’s Bugzilla, users contribute significantly to the development process. This community-driven approach helps ensure that the final product will be stable and reliable for all ARM64 users.

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