Monday, July 22, 2024

Finish Constructing Luena Solar Park in Angola


Portugal’s MCA, in partnership with Angola’s Ministry of Energy and Water, has recently launched a 25.3-MWp solar photovoltaic park in Angola’s Moxico province. The Luena Photovoltaic Park, equipped with 43,680 solar panels, now provides electricity to 59,483 individuals. The park, constructed at a cost of EUR 36.9 million, was a joint effort with US company Sun Africa. This park is the fourth among the seven solar farms being developed by MCA in Angola.

The total capacity of the seven solar parks in Angola is slated to reach 370 MWp, with the remaining plants set to be operational by the year’s end. The Luena Photovoltaic Park is part of the larger rural electrification project in Angola under the “Energia Angola 2025” initiative. The goal of this project is to enhance electricity access for approximately 77% of the rural population in the country.

In summary, the Luena Photovoltaic Park in Moxico province boasts an individual capacity of 25.3 MWp, while the combined capacity of the other six solar parks is expected to reach 344.7 MWp. This ambitious project is a significant step towards increasing electricity access and improving the lives of Angolan citizens.

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