Monday, July 22, 2024

‘FedEx purchases Blue Arc electric truck from Shyft’


US delivery and logistics giant FedEx has announced a significant order of 150 Blue Arc electric trucks from specialty manufacturer Shyft for its pickup and delivery fleet in the United States. The decision to purchase these electric trucks comes after successful pilot testing on last-mile delivery routes in Memphis, Tennessee. The Blue Arc truck demonstrated its capabilities by operating extended 8-10 hour routes in challenging conditions, including high temperatures ranging from 95-105° F.

Pat Donlon, VP of Global Vehicles at FedEx Express, highlighted the company’s commitment to electrifying its entire global pickup and delivery fleet by 2040. Donlon expressed FedEx’s enthusiasm for incorporating new and efficient electric vehicle models like the Blue Arc to meet the demands of its diverse network. The addition of these electric trucks to FedEx’s growing portfolio of electric vehicles is a significant step towards achieving their sustainability goals.

This strategic move by FedEx underscores the increasing shift towards electrification in the transportation industry. By investing in eco-friendly vehicles like the Blue Arc, FedEx is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also setting an example for other companies looking to transition to cleaner energy solutions.

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