Monday, July 22, 2024

‘Faculty Candidate Seminar: Ayman M. El-Refaie’


Marquette University’s Ayman M. El-Refaie will be presenting groundbreaking advancements in electrical drivetrains for propulsion and traction applications. The presentation will delve into two main topics.

The first topic focuses on developing very high specific power electric drivetrains for aerospace applications. This project, part of the ASCEND program under ARPA-E, aims to achieve a system specific power of 12 kW/kg. Innovations in electric motor design, modular power electronics, and thermal management systems will be highlighted. These advancements include additively-manufactured coils with integrated heat pipes, modular power electronics closely linked with the motor, and an integrated thermal management system.

The second topic will cover the creation of low-cost, rare-earth free electric drivetrains for electric and hybrid vehicles. Led by Marquette University and funded by the DOE, this project aims for a system cost under /kW, system power density exceeding 12 kW/liter, and a DC bus voltage surpassing 700V. The presentation will focus on novel motor designs that combine different magnet types for enhanced performance.

Ayman M. El-Refaie, the Werner Endowed Chair Professor at Marquette University, will bring his expertise in electrical machines and drives to further showcase these advancements. With over 200 publications, 50 patents, and prestigious awards like the IEEE IAS Industrial Power Conversion Systems Department Gerald Kliman Innovator Award, El-Refaie is a seasoned expert in the field.

Don’t miss this informative presentation on Friday, April 5th, from 11:10 am to 12:10 pm at the Min H. Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science building at 1520 Middle Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996.

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