Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Exploring Q4 Realities for Major Tech Companies


Major media and entertainment companies recently held their quarterly earnings calls, shedding light on the industry’s performance. However, industry expert Evan Shapiro believes that these calls often mask negative figures with clever rhetoric, and the media present rarely pose hard-hitting questions to reveal the whole truth.

In a real-time response for Streaming Media Connect 2024, Shapiro dissected the data from the 4Q earnings calls to provide attendees with an unfiltered view of the industry. He delved deep into the numbers to challenge the spin doctors and offer an honest assessment that is hard to come by elsewhere.

One key highlight from Shapiro’s analysis focuses on Alphabet’s potential for a massive year in 2024. Despite a lukewarm reaction from Wall Street to Alphabet’s Q4 earnings report, Shapiro emphasized the company’s diversified business models, which shield it from market downturns. He criticized Wall Street analysts for overlooking Alphabet’s true strengths and resilience to economic fluctuations, comparing them to other media and entertainment conglomerates.

Shapiro highlighted the impressive performance of Alphabet’s cloud business, YouTube, and search operation, showcasing significant revenue and operating income growth. He pointed out that YouTube’s growth hints at a rebound in the ad economy, signaling positive prospects for Alphabet moving forward.

Overall, Shapiro’s analysis provides valuable insights into the M&E industry’s landscape, challenging conventional narratives and offering a fresh perspective on the market’s trajectory.

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