Saturday, July 20, 2024

Experienced CPA Doing Taxes Since 1984


A former KPMG employee who later worked for a local firm and Sandia Labs auditing government contracts has started her own business in 2000 and continues to run it while raising a family, even though her youngest child is now 27 years old. She expresses her love for her aging clients and mentions the challenges she faces.

One of the main difficulties she observes is the disparity in the tax burden between the middle class and the wealthy in the country. She notes how those with regular wages, pensions, IRA distributions, and social security are taxed more heavily compared to the wealthy individuals who earn income through qualifying dividends and capital gains.

The tax system seems unfair to her, especially for working individuals and retirees. She emphasizes that, despite the challenges, she always strives to do her best for each client. Additionally, she criticizes the wealthy for not reinvesting in the economy and holding onto their money, leading to more sheltered income and tax breaks for them in the future.

Overall, she sheds light on the inequities in the tax system and the challenges faced by working-class individuals and retirees, highlighting the need for reform to address these issues.

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