Wednesday, July 17, 2024

“EVs Drive Volvo’s Future, Leaving Diesel Behind”


Volvo Ends Production of Diesel Vehicles, Shifts Focus to Electric Cars

Volvo made a significant move in its commitment to electrification by bidding farewell to its diesel vehicles. The final Volvo diesel engine was installed in the last XC90 SUV that rolled off the assembly line, marking the end of nearly half a century of sensible diesel vehicles.

At Volvo’s Gothenburg plant in Southwest Sweden, workers unveiled the last Volvo diesel vehicle, emphasizing the brand’s transition to an all-electric lineup by 2030. This decision is part of Volvo’s larger strategy to eliminate hydrocarbon-burning engines, including their longstanding diesel models.

The XC90 that symbolized the end of Volvo’s diesel era was destined for the brand’s museum in Gothenburg. In its place, Volvo introduced the EX90 SUV, a fully electric model that represents the future direction of the company.

Volvo shared a statement regarding this milestone, highlighting their success in selling electrified cars in Europe. The company stated, “Today, most of our sales on the Continent are electrified cars. The figures speak for themselves, underscoring that the all-electric direction we’re now heading towards is the right one to take.”

While Volvo acknowledges the significance of their diesel vehicles from the past, they are focused on embracing a future of electric mobility. The brand is confident in their decision to prioritize electric vehicles while still offering plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid models as a transitional step towards a fully electric future.

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