Friday, July 19, 2024

Enhanced Portable VR Perimeter Adds Exciting New Features


Virtual Vision Health has recently unveiled new features for its Virtual Eye Pro headset, enhancing its capabilities for eye health diagnostics. The innovative additions include pupillography, color vision testing, and live eye streaming, making it a versatile and accurate tool for healthcare professionals.

Bill Shields, the global vice president of sales at Virtual Vision Health, explained how these features elevate the Virtual Eye Pro. Pupillography allows for the measurement of pupil constriction to assist in diagnosing eye diseases. The collaboration with Waggoner Diagnostics has enabled extended color vision testing within the headset. Additionally, live eye streaming permits technicians to monitor patients’ eyes in real-time during visual field tests.

Virtual Vision Health is committed to ongoing development, with plans to introduce more modalities to enhance the technology’s versatility. These advancements aim to provide healthcare professionals with innovative tools for comprehensive eye examinations and enhanced patient care.

The integration of new features into the Virtual Eye Pro signifies Virtual Vision Health’s dedication to advancing eye health diagnostics through cutting-edge technology. This continuous improvement in the field is paving the way for revolutionary changes in how eye exams are conducted, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for patients.

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