Monday, July 22, 2024

Effects of Rock Weathering on Crop Yields


A recent study conducted by scientists at UNDO has unveiled the benefits of enhanced rock weathering in boosting crop yields by 9.3-20.5% and enhancing crop resilience to future climate challenges.

Rock weathering is a natural process that helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by accelerating the breakdown of rocks. The study revealed a significant increase in first-year crop yields, improved soil pH, and higher nutrient uptake as a result of enhanced rock weathering.

During the trial, crop yields were found to be, on average, 15% higher across different cultivation techniques compared to control plots. The addition of basalt rock led to a stabilizing effect on soil pH, allowing for better nutrient absorption by crops.

Dr. XinRan Liu, Head of Science and Research at UNDO, emphasized the importance of nutrient availability in sustaining and increasing crop yields. The study highlighted the potential of basalt rock to enhance productivity and crop resilience in temperate climates.

Basalt rock is known for its rich mineral content, which slowly releases nutrients essential for plant growth. The study found higher nutrient concentrations in crops grown in basalt-amended soil, indicating a boost in nutrient availability and potential improvements in crop yield.

Despite unusually dry growing conditions in 2022, the study suggested that basalt amendment could enhance productivity and contribute to more sustainable food production systems in the face of climate change. Prof David Manning of Newcastle University emphasized the scientific credibility and value of enhanced rock weathering for farmers.

Furthermore, the trial results showed no uptake of toxic elements by crops in basalt-amended plots, ensuring the safety of food produced from this method. UNDO’s basalt has been approved for use in organic farming systems, further solidifying its credibility among certification bodies.

Overall, the research highlights the potential for enhanced rock weathering to benefit farmers, improve crop yields, and contribute to sustainable agriculture in the face of evolving climate challenges.

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