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Eco-Friendly Practices in Employment at Aptar


Aptar is dedicated to creating a more sustainable and equitable future through eco-efficient operations. This commitment encompasses our core values as a company and our dedication to being a responsible, inclusive global corporate citizen.

One of our initiatives to promote sustainability is the installation of 24 electric car charging points at our locations in Aptar Le Vaudreuil and Val de Reuil. This allows owners of electric vehicles among our employees to charge their cars while at work, reducing our environmental footprint and promoting eco-efficient operations. Since its implementation, 1,500 electric vehicle recharges have been conducted on our campus.

Another important program at Aptar is our Landfill Free (LFF) Program, established in 2013. This program follows the Zero Waste International Alliance protocol and requires sites to prove, through a third-party audit, that at least 90% of operational waste is either reused or recycled. In 2022, Aptar Leeds became certified Landfill Free, bringing our global total to 65% of sites. This program encourages continuous improvement in production processes to reduce waste and promote reuse and return of waste along the value chain.

Additionally, Aptar is committed to using renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We aim for all Aptar locations to be powered by renewable electricity sources, with a goal of increasing annual sourcing of renewable electricity from 57% in 2019 to 100% by 2030. By the end of 2020, 97% of our energy was sourced from renewables, and we are on track to meet our target. We have also developed an ISO 14064 compliant energy management system to accurately map global greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about our ESG Focus Areas and sustainability progress, you can download our 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report. At Aptar, we are committed to creating a better future for our employees, consumers, customers, and community partners through our eco-efficient operations and sustainable initiatives.

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