Monday, April 15, 2024

Durabook R8-EX and U11-EX rugged Windows 11 tablets can prevent explosions


Durabook has launched two new rugged tablet models, the R8-EX (8-inch) and U11-EX (11.6-inch), designed to withstand the challenges of environments where the risk of explosion is a constant concern. In other words, these computers can prevent explosions by not igniting substances. These new tablets come equipped with Windows 11 and are certified to meet the European Union’s ATmosphères EXplosibles (ATEX) Zone 2/22 certification, making them ideal for use in places where gases, vapors, dust, and other explosive substances are prevalent.

The ATEX certification is a crucial requirement for businesses operating in hazardous environments, such as oil and gas refineries and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. It ensures that the devices can be safely used in areas where explosive atmospheres in the form of gas, vapor, mist, dust, or fibers may occur. This certification is particularly valuable for multinational enterprises with operations or clients in the EU, as it helps them comply with the region’s workplace safety requirements.

Both the Durabook R8-EX and U11-EX models feature Coolfinity fanless cooling technology, which allows them to operate safely in industries where standard laptops and tablets cannot. This innovative cooling system not only enhances safety but also maximizes reliability and battery life by eliminating the need for a fan, which is a common point of failure and a source of dust and debris accumulation.

In terms of performance, security, and reliability, the new Durabook tablets are equipped with Intel 12th generation processors, Windows 11 with Secured-core technology, and Durabook’s proprietary DynaVue display technology. These features ensure lag-free performance, high-level protection against advanced threats, and clear readability even in direct sunlight. The tablets also offer multiple connectivity options, including Thunderbolt 4, Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211, Bluetooth V5.3, and optional 4G LTE and 5G.

The ruggedized components of the R8-EX and U11-EX tablets meet stringent certifications such as MIL-STD-810H and IP66, ensuring they can withstand harsh conditions like drops, extreme temperatures, and exposure to dust and water. Additionally, both tablets boast ultra-long battery life, with the U11-EX offering up to 20 hours with an optional high-capacity battery and the R8-EX providing up to 17 hours.

Sasha Wang, president of Durabook Americas, emphasized the importance of these new tablets: “The new Durabook R8-EX and U11-EX Windows 11 tablets enable businesses to protect the three things that matter most: their employees, their equipment, and their data. Achieving ATEX Zone 2/22 certification for these tablets is the latest example of Durabook’s commitment to providing devices that meet demanding enterprise requirements for durability, safety, and performance, with zero tradeoffs.”

If you are interested in purchasing one of these rugged tablets for your organization, you can email Durabook sales here.

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