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Dr. Henry Cabrera Says Seasonal Delights and Unique Experiences Await at Lavender Waves Farm – Insights Success


Stepping off Route 1 onto a nondescript road, visitors to Lavender Waves Farm are greeted by an unexpected sensory delight. Owner Dr. Henry Cabrera’s vision of creating a “luxuriously rustic” haven has transformed this former bacon and sausage farm into a tranquil lavender paradise.

“It just kind of opens up in front of you,” said local anesthesiologist Cabrera. “When you make that turn, it’s like stepping into a royal garden in Europe. That’s the reaction I’m looking for.”

Located at 3814 Commodore Perry Highway, Lavender Waves Farm features 10 varieties of lavender, peaking in July with a spectacular display of purples, whites, and classic lavender hues. Cabrera urges visitors to take advantage of the peak bloom.

“Don’t wait,” he said. “Come right now. Buy tickets for this Saturday or next Saturday. This is how you want to see the fields.”

On Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m., Lavender Waves Farm offers a host of unique experiences. Visitors can cut their own lavender while alpacas and llamas roam the fields. They can savor fresh lavender lemonade, ice cream, and chocolate.

The farm also features three camels, an art market on Sunday, and various free-roaming birds, including chickens, ducks, guinea hens, geese, and white peacocks. Admission is $5, with lavender cutting at $15. Tickets are available online or at the entrance. Picnic tables are available for use.

Lavender Waves Farm offers membership opportunities for unique experiences, including hosting weddings and special events. Members gain exclusive access to the garden and animals. By purchasing large amounts of lavender, members receive an educational tour and private access to the farm’s grounds.

For those seeking a more extended stay, the farm offers an Airbnb suite with an optional three-course lavender-inspired meal prepared by a professional chef. 

The Stars Align at Lavender Waves Farm

Cabrera’s journey into lavender farming began as a search for a hobby. After trying boating and discovering a propensity for seasickness, he turned to farming, inspired by lavender’s suitability for well-draining soil and full sun. “I thought, ‘I think I can do this. Why not?’” he said. “So I did my research with lavender and found a perfect farm close to my primary job. It felt like the stars were aligning.”

In 2016, Cabrera purchased the former Gatewood Farm and had the vision to plant corn, setting the stage for his ambitious plan to develop a lavender field. The next year, he enhanced the landscape with a central gazebo and carefully planned the arrangement of lavender rows. To facilitate the farm’s operations, he built a garage with a living space above. Over the course of two years, his efforts resulted in the planting of more than 4,000 lavender plants, featuring 10 distinct varieties.

“The design of everything was just artistic creativity,” he said. “I just thought it would look pretty.”

Cabrera’s farm soon became renowned for its unique beauty and serene atmosphere. Although it remained a private property, he cleverly opened it for regulated lavender cuttings during peak seasons, starting in 2020. This initiative not only boosted the farm’s popularity but also created job opportunities and engaged the local community, including volunteers from the Kingston Hill Garden Club.

Under Dr. Henry Cabrera’s leadership, the farm has become more than just a successful agricultural business; it stands as a symbol of community, sustainability, and the enduring beauty of nature. His efforts exemplify a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, significantly impacting the landscape of modern farming.

The Farm Continues to Flourish

For visitors, Cabrera’s advice is to take the time to explore the farm fully. “Look at each of the varieties of lavender. Visit all of the animals. Sit in the gazebo. Shop at the farm stand. Eat a picnic at one of the tables,” he said. He also recommends bringing scissors for those participating in the cut-your-own experience.

Lavender Waves Farm offers a unique blend of natural beauty and rustic charm, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a memorable and sensory-rich experience.

In mid-July 2024, the farm will host the first ‘Lavender Waves Sound Bath plus Meditation’ experience at sunset.

“The alluring and calming scent of lavender prepares you for the ultimate evening of relaxation and restoration at Lavender Waves Farm,” shares a social media post. “This visually stunning environment is perfect for receiving the gifts of a restoring Sound Bath. Instruments such as gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, drums, shakers, harp, shruti box, bells, and melodic vocals guide you to deep relaxation and self-awareness. Bring a water bottle, blanket, chair, pillows, and layers for comfort during the session.” 

Lavender Waves Farm Invites Visitors to Create a ‘Bucket List’

Lavender Waves Farm offers a variety of experiences for visitors seeking a memorable staycation. These activities provide a comprehensive and engaging experience, making the farm a must-visit destination for those looking to create lasting memories.

Cut Your Own Lavender: Guests can immerse themselves in the fragrant fields, cutting their lavender bundles ($20) while surrounded by the farm’s roaming animals, creating a unique and interactive experience.

Selfies with Rare Camels: Capture unforgettable moments by taking selfies with the farm’s rare camels, adding an exotic touch to the visit.

Join Lavender Yoga: Participate in lavender yoga sessions amidst the blooming fields, where the calming scent of lavender enhances the relaxation and mindfulness experience.

Relax in the Sun: Find a peaceful spot to unwind and soak up the sun, surrounded by the natural beauty and serenity of the farm.

Feed Llamas and Alpacas: Enjoy feeding and interacting with the friendly llamas and alpacas, offering a delightful activity for animal lovers.

Try Lavender Treats: Indulge in refreshing lemonade, creamy ice cream, and decadent lavender chocolate, all crafted to provide a unique culinary adventure.

Meet the Birds: Explore the aviary where the farm’s 75-100 birds reside, including four stunning white peacocks, providing a vibrant and colorful spectacle for bird enthusiasts.

Schedule a Lavender Photoshoot: Lavender Waves Farm is available year-round for photography sessions, perfect for engagement photos, senior portraits, or family holiday cards. Peak bloom occurs from late June to early August, with a lighter second bloom from August to September. Photo shoots are by appointment only, requiring a minimum one-hour session for $100, with additional time available. Outside animals are prohibited, and lavender plants cannot be disturbed during sessions.

Visit the Lavender Waves Farm Gift Shop for various unique items: The shop offers lavender bundles, gift baskets, dry clay face masks, honey, toner, greeting cards, candles, and more.

“Lavender Waves Farm offers a truly unique experience,” said Dr. Henry Cabrera. “From our beautiful lavender fields perfect for cutting your own bundles to interactive experiences with our camels, alpacas, and over 75 birds, there is something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy yoga sessions amidst the lavender, indulge in lavender-inspired treats, and shop for exclusive items at our gift shop. We aim to create a luxuriously rustic environment that allows guests to relax, explore, and create unforgettable memories.”

Tips for Visiting Lavender Waves Farm

Visitors to Lavender Waves Farm should plan to take their time to fully enjoy the experience. Dr. Henry Cabrera suggests exploring each variety of lavender and interacting with all the animals. A moment of relaxation in the gazebo, shopping at the farm stand, and enjoying a picnic at one of the on-site tables are must-do activities.

“Not many people take advantage of the picnic tables, but people should bring some food for a picnic,” Cabrera said. “Spend as much time as you can.”

A pro tip for those coming for the cut-your-own experience: remember to bring your own scissors. This simple preparation ensures you can make the most of your visit without any hitches.

“Lavender Waves Farm is about creating an immersive, relaxing experience,” Cabrera added. “We want our guests to leave with beautiful memories and tranquility.”

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