Friday, July 19, 2024

Detectify launches new features for control over attack surfaces


Attack surfaces keep expanding, making it increasingly challenging for organizations to obtain and make sense of the most relevant insights from their attack surface data.

Attack surface management platform Detectify says its users see an average of 300 breaches per set policy, with over 70 percent of active policies focusing on spotting risky open ports.

In response, the company is launching a new Domains page and making major improvements to existing capabilities on its platform for setting custom attack surface policies. These updates bring greater control over attack surface data and enable organizations to seamlessly configure alerts for policy breaches based on their own definition of risk.

“Our global customer base uses hundreds of attack surface policies every day,” says Danwei Tran Luciani, VP of product at Detectify. “Users can now seamlessly set custom policies on a variety of new characteristics, like being alerted when a specific cloud provider is present on a set of domains. We’re excited to empower security teams with even greater control over their attack surface data.”

The new Domains page provides a complete view of all monitored domains within the attack surface with continuously attributed data to each domain, consisting of IPs, cloud providers, and even fingerprinted technologies over a period of time. Customers can now directly create customized policies for their attack surface data when spotting anomalies. This helps assess potential exposure risks and allows users to set security policies based on completely new characteristics.

The Domains page and enhanced Attack Surface Policies are now available to all Detectify’s Surface Monitoring customers. New data points will continue to be released to the Domains page, which will further expand the specificity of security policies that users can create and receive alerts for.

You can find out more on the Detectify site.

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