Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘Denis Neville becomes majority owner of CoreFX’


CoreFX Ingredients, based in Evanston, IL, has announced a significant development in its ownership structure. The global dairy co-operative that acquired CoreFX in 2016 will be selling a majority stake of the business back to CoreFX founder and CEO Denis Neville.

In a statement, Denis Neville expressed his excitement about this new chapter for CoreFX. He highlighted the company’s commitment to continuous evolution and emphasized the strategic vision and focus on innovation that will drive growth and deliver value to customers. Neville aims to position CoreFX Ingredients as a leader in the markets it serves.

CoreFX specializes in supplying innovative, dry nutritional ingredients. These ingredients are produced using a proprietary process that converts natural oils from plants and dairy into stable, convenient powders. The products are known for being clean-label, neutral in taste, highly dispersible, and customizable. Some of CoreFX’s brands include OmegaFX, NutriCoreFX, CreamerCoreFX, CheezeCoreFX, and DairyCoreFX. Additionally, the company has introduced a new line of bioactive compounds.

This change in ownership structure reflects CoreFX’s commitment to growth, innovation, and customer value. With Denis Neville back at the helm, the company is poised to unlock its full potential and solidify its position as a leading provider of nutritional ingredients in the industry.

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