Wednesday, July 17, 2024

‘Cox Farms Emerges as One of the Largest Greenhouse Growers in North America’


Cox Enterprises brings forth Cox Farms, a new venture dedicated to sustainable food and agriculture. This initiative is part of Cox’s ongoing commitment to investing in sustainable businesses and technologies, with a focus on future-proofing the world of produce. Cox Farms currently includes indoor farming companies Mucci Farms and BrightFarms, with plans to expand into additional ventures in indoor agriculture.

President of Cox Farms, Steve Bradley, expresses excitement about building a better future for farmers and consumers by ensuring a safe, secure, and sustainable food supply year-round. Cox Farms aims to disrupt traditional agriculture by utilizing indoor farming on a large scale, an approach never seen before in the industry.

Rooted in a long history in agriculture, Cox Enterprises traces its roots back 125 years to its founder, James M. Cox, who started as an Ohio farmer-turned-entrepreneur. Today, the company stands as a pioneer in the food supply chain revolution, operating a network of indoor farms that produce 360 million pounds of produce annually.

Partners like Mucci Farms’ CEO, Bert Mucci, and BrightFarms’ CEO, Steve Platt, are thrilled to join forces with Cox Farms in a shared mission to innovate and promote clean, sustainable farming practices. Cox Farms prioritizes stable greenhouse conditions, high yield per acre, and a commitment to avoiding harmful chemicals or pesticides, setting a new standard in quality and yield.

With anticipated revenues nearing billion and a workforce of nearly 2,500 employees, Cox Farms embodies a triple-bottom-line philosophy that focuses on improving the planet, enhancing human health, and ensuring financial returns. Through partnerships with leading retailers, Cox Farms aims to make healthy, locally-grown food more accessible while caring for the planet.

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