Monday, April 22, 2024

CORSAIR launches K65 PLUS WIRELESS gaming keyboard with compact design and customizable features


CORSAIR has released the K65 PLUS WIRELESS. This keyboard features a compact 75% profile, which saves desk space while including essential arrow and utility keys for convenient game controls. It comes equipped with pre-lubricated CORSAIR MLX Red linear switches, known for their smooth operation and crisp responsiveness. These switches are hot-swappable, allowing users to customize the keyboard with their preferred switches.

In addition to its performance capabilities, the K65 PLUS WIRELESS is designed for a satisfying typing experience. It incorporates two layers of integrated sound dampening to reduce internal noise, resulting in quieter keystrokes. The keyboard is adorned with PBT dye-sublimated keycaps in midnight gray and silver accents, making it a stylish choice for daily use.

Connectivity is a key feature of the K65 PLUS WIRELESS, offering a low-latency 2.4GHz wireless connection for gaming and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices. It also includes secure AES encryption and boasts up to 266 hours of battery life with RGB lighting turned off. Users can easily switch between PC and Mac layouts and connect to multiple devices with a single keystroke.

For those who enjoy customization, the K65 PLUS WIRELESS supports per-key RGB lighting, which can be tailored using CORSAIR’s iCUE software. This allows for macro recording, key remapping, and synchronization with other RGB-enabled devices in the user’s setup.

You can buy the K65 PLUS WIRELESS immediately for $159.99. To celebrate the launch, CORSAIR is offering a limited-time deal on DROP Holy Panda X tactile switches. Customers in the USA who purchase the keyboard from the CORSAIR webstore can get a set of these switches at a 50 percent discount from

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