Saturday, July 20, 2024

Copilot support now available in beta version of Android app launcher


Microsoft recently released a beta update for its Microsoft Launcher app for Android devices in August 2023. This update introduced the incorporation of Bing Chat, a chatbot feature that allowed users to interact through text prompts and voice commands.

In November 2023, the Bing Chat branding was replaced with the new name “Copilot” for the chatbot AI. Despite this change, the Microsoft Launcher app still displayed the Bing icon in the search feature.

According to reports from Windows Central, individuals who participated in the beta testing program for the Microsoft Launcher app received an updated version that integrated Copilot into the app, replacing the Bing Chat icon. This change is now available for download for those enrolled in the beta program via the Google Play Store.

The new version, labeled as v6.240402.2.1139391, offers enhanced features such as effortless access to Copilot, creative content generation, and improved performance for Copilot Pro users.

Although there is no specific timeline for when these features will be available to non-beta users, Copilot has been accessible through Microsoft’s standalone app on the Google Play Store since December 2023. It is noted that certain Copilot Pro features like Vacation Planner, Cooking Assistant, Fitness Trainer, and Notebook are currently exclusive to the standalone app and not yet integrated into the Microsoft Launcher app.

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