Wednesday, May 22, 2024

CEO of Key International Subsidiary BICS Dismissed by Proximus


Matteo Gatta, the CEO of BICS, an important international subsidiary of Proximus, was abruptly dismissed on Friday evening after serving three years in the role. The news was reported by De Tijd and L’Echo on Saturday, with confirmation from multiple sources.

The dismissal was communicated through an internal message to the top executives of the telecom group and to BICS staff. Despite this, no specific reason for Gatta’s departure was provided in the internal communications reviewed by De Tijd. Additionally, the Proximus spokesperson declined to disclose the reasons behind the sudden dismissal when approached by the business newspaper.

The unexpected departure of Matteo Gatta as CEO has raised speculation within the industry, leaving many wondering about the circumstances that led to his dismissal. The lack of transparency surrounding this decision has sparked curiosity and discussion among stakeholders in the telecommunications sector.

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