Sunday, July 14, 2024

Canonical launches real-time Ubuntu Linux 24.04 LTS for time-sensitive computing needs


Canonical has officially launched Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, a specialized kernel for its popular Linux distribution designed to handle time-sensitive computing tasks with reduced latency and enhanced reliability. This latest release is tailored for industries where high-priority processes must be executed swiftly and with predictable outcomes, such as manufacturing, automotive, and telecommunications.

Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS incorporates the PREEMPT_RT patch for both AMD64 and ARM64 architectures, a leading implementation for Linux real-time systems. This integration is aimed at improving the kernel’s predictability and ensuring deterministic responses for applications with critical latency requirements. The new release builds upon the upstream v6.8 kernel and is specifically optimized for use on Raspberry Pi 4 and 5, broadening the scope for innovation and performance in embedded systems.

In addition to offering real-time capabilities, Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS comes with full support through Ubuntu Pro, Canonical’s enterprise-grade security and compliance subscription, available at no cost for personal use and small-scale commercial operations on up to five devices. Users can easily enable the real-time kernel on supported hardware with a simple set of commands:

pro attach
pro enable realtime-kernel

For Raspberry Pi users, enabling the real-time kernel is equally straightforward:

pro attach
pro enable realtime-kernel --variant=raspi

Canonical emphasizes the importance of a predictable release cadence and extended support, offering a 12-year commitment to security maintenance and support for enterprise environments. This ensures that device manufacturers and other enterprise users can rely on a stable and secure platform for their long-term projects. Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS also promises five years of regular updates, safeguarding against security vulnerabilities and software bugs until August 2029.

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