Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Boeing Falls Short in Quality Standards in Manufacturing: Federal Safety Officials – Insights Success


On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that its audit of 737 Max manufacturing at Boeing and its primary supplier identified “multiple instances” where they failed to ensure manufacturing adhered to quality standards. The FAA identified “non-compliance issues” related to Boeing’s manufacturing-process control, parts handling, and storage, although specific details were not disclosed.

Spirit spokesperson Joe Buccino expressed the company’s positive reception of the FAA audit and mentioned that they would thoroughly examine the findings. He added, “We are in communication with Boeing and the FAA on appropriate corrective actions.”

The FAA disclosed that it shared a summary of the findings from its six-week audit with Boeing and supplier Spirit AeroSystems. However, the summary was not made public, and the FAA stated it couldn’t release details as its investigation into Boeing is ongoing. Spirit AeroSystems welcomed the audit and expressed readiness to review the findings, indicating they are in communication with Boeing and the FAA for appropriate corrective actions. Boeing’s CEO, David Calhoun, previously stated the company’s commitment to addressing the identified challenges.

The FAA has intensified its examination of Boeing following an incident on January 5, where a panel detached from a Boeing 737 Max 9 flying over Oregon at 16,000 feet. The Alaska Airlines pilots successfully landed the aircraft despite the damage. Subsequently, Boeing made changes in the leadership of the 737 Max program. Recently, the FAA issued a 90-day deadline for Boeing to devise a plan addressing safety issues raised by the FAA and an independent panel consisting of experts from various sectors.

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