Saturday, July 20, 2024

BMW Extends Agreement for Vehicle Remarketing in the UK


BCA secures exclusive contract with BMW and Alphabet for defleet and remarketing services

BCA, a leading logistics provider, has announced that it will continue to be the exclusive provider of defleet, remarketing, inspection, and collection services for BMW and Alphabet. This partnership includes maintenance and repair services to ensure that the vehicles are in optimal condition for resale. The contract with BMW is described as one of the largest remarketing contracts in BCA’s history.

Alphabet currently finances a global fleet of over 700,000 cars, with BMW taking over the business in 2011. In addition to defleet and remarketing services, BCA will also provide logistics coordination and vehicle distribution center support services, such as company car handovers and inspections.

Matt Bristow, BCA’s commercial director in the UK, expressed his delight at renewing the significant volume of business with BMW and Alphabet. He emphasized the importance of BCA’s role in representing BMW’s brand values to both internal and external customers.

BCA has recently secured several new and renewed remarketing deals in the UK, totaling 75,000 vehicles from franchised and non-franchised dealers. These deals include partnerships with JCB Group, Sinclair Group, and Renault Retail, representing thousands of vehicles annually.

Overall, BCA’s continued partnership with BMW and Alphabet demonstrates its commitment to providing reliable and high-quality services in the used vehicle supply chain.

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