Wednesday, July 17, 2024

‘Blue Yonder Acquires One Network Enterprises for 9M’


Blue Yonder, a leading logistics technology company, has recently announced its agreement to acquire One Network Enterprises for approximately 9 million. This strategic move is part of Blue Yonder’s plan to revolutionize the supply chain industry. With this acquisition, Blue Yonder’s total M&A investments are projected to reach billion, encompassing three major acquisitions since the fourth quarter of 2023.

In addition to the acquisition of One Network, Blue Yonder has previously acquired Flexis, a German tech provider, in February 2024, and returns management provider Doddle in November 2023.

According to Duncan Angove, CEO of Blue Yonder, the increasing complexity of supply chains, coupled with global sourcing diversification and geopolitical risks, has created a greater demand for information and resource sharing across the entire value chain. This has put pressure on organizations to build more resilient and robust supply chains. By combining Blue Yonder’s expertise with One Network’s capabilities, the company aims to establish itself as a leading provider of supply chain solutions. The goal is to offer a unified, end-to-end supply chain ecosystem that can withstand current challenges and integrate innovative technologies for future success.

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