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Unlike traditional Web 2.0 marketing, Web 3.0 marketing often has a strong connection to digital platforms where end users themselves can evaluate the potential of your project, relying on the opinions of other people (in particular those who have already dealt with it). This is actually why crypto social media marketing activities often play a special role in promotional strategies that ensure maximum return on investment. If you would like to know more about the best advertising platforms for new crypto sites, just read this article carefully prepared by Coinband experts.

Features of Crypto Marketing on the Best Advertising Platforms

Surely, if you already have at least minimal experience in promoting your crypto solution, you may have noticed certain differences in it compared to how it happens for traditional Web 2.0 solutions. In particular, we are talking about the aspects described below.

  • An audience interested in the latest technologies. The audience that is of greatest interest to crypto projects is usually initially interested in topics related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and advanced financial services. This, in turn, imposes certain expectations on the content that may be of interest to these people: it must be expert, professional, and with a technical slant. It is also worth noting that such Internet users are usually active participants in various forums and Internet portals dedicated to Web 3.0 solutions – thus, you will inevitably have to focus your marketing strategy on interacting with people within these online platforms.
  • Vulnerability to the emotions of the online community. If we recall how the promotion of the most iconic project in the field of Web 3.0 – Bitcoin – began, we can discern a clear emotional connection with the impression of end users interacting with it. Actually, nothing has changed since then: with the right marketing and positioning, you can get both an army of fans of your project and a squad of haters who will literally tell everyone from one online platform to another that your project is a scam. In this regard, you will need to learn how to interact with these two groups of Internet users and, in general, how to get them as quickly as possible.
  • The need for evidence of transparency and reliability. Since more and more scam crypto projects are appearing on the web every day, you will need to work as effectively as possible to dispel the doubts of your audience. To do this, you should establish a strong connection with it – both from the officials representing your project and from your community. Overall, your key task here will be to gain a comprehensive vision of how to clearly and accurately provide information about your products and services to those who may be interested in them.
  • The need to provide educational materials and make people generally aware. Since the cryptocurrency industry itself has a fairly high barrier to entry, and the people who are interested in it are likely to be well-versed in the latest technology and investment trends, you will need to take care to make your content informative, educational, and relevant to your target audience.
  • Posting unique content formats. The cryptocurrency industry promotes the manifestation of all kinds of creativity on the part of projects that relate to it – in fact, this thesis is applicable to marketing, too. In particular, for your promotion strategy, you can use unique research, analytical data, interviews with experts, ads from crypto bloggers, educational videos, and even memes.

Top Advertising Platforms for Your Crypto Project

So, now, it’s time to figure out which platforms are best to use to promote your crypto project. Additionally, we note that when choosing specific ones, it is also important to focus on your budget because, ultimately, these capabilities affect how large an audience you can cover with your marketing activities.

  • Google. Even though at the dawn of Web 3.0 Google was very suspicious of promoting crypto projects, today, this platform demonstrates its loyalty to most of them, however, without neglecting a number of measures that help guarantee end users the transparency of the intentions of these projects. In particular, you can use Google Ads to implement your marketing strategy while taking advantage of its powerful targeting and advertising capabilities through the search engine. Today, marketing tools available on this cryptocurrency advertising network include text ads, YouTube ads, and image ads on the Google partner network. In general, given the strict regulations, Google is considered one of the most reliable sources of attracting both paid and free traffic.
  • Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram, despite their initial inability to promote technologically complex projects, today, can also be successfully involved in your crypto marketing strategy. In particular, they offer powerful targeted advertising tools that allow you to reach various narrow-focused audience segments around the world based on their interests, behavioral patterns, and demographic characteristics. When it comes to specific marketing tools, there are various ad formats available, such as images, videos, and carousels. So, with the right approach, these crypto ad networks will help you deliver your concept quickly and effectively to potential consumers.
  • LinkedIn. To attract representatives from the business segment to your project, you can use LinkedIn as the best place to put crypto ads. In particular, by actively developing your profile and using its free crypto advertising, you will be able to quickly establish effective communication with various enterprises and representatives of the B2B sector. Advertising is also available here – if configured correctly, it will help you target your messages to a specific audience based on job titles, business sectors, and skills.
  • Twitter. Of course, we couldn’t help but mention Twitter in our list of best crypto ads platforms as perhaps the main crypto ad network for building trusting relationships with your readers. In addition to tweets, on this crypto currency ad network, you can also use advertising with promotional videos, hashtags, as well as advertising posts from crypto influencers. All this will lead you to create a strong community around your project and allow you to quickly attract the attention of the audience to various time-limited events, such as ICO, IDO, airdrops, etc.
  • Crypto-specific online platforms. In addition to general-purpose social networks, you should also pay attention to specialized Bitcoin ad networks aimed at promoting crypto projects – these include CoinTraffic, Coinzilla, and CoinAd. By following a simple algorithm of actions on these crypto advertising networks, you can place your best crypto ads right there in a matter of minutes, which will subsequently be displayed on various cryptocurrency sites, blogs, and communities.
  • Crypto content platforms. Finally, you can try your luck by posting your guest posts on popular crypto blogs, article publishing platforms, and media outlets whose main focus is Web 3.0 projects. Ultimately, all this should have a positive impact on your visibility in more global search engines such as Google.

Summing Up

Now that you know the tools available and the best places to run crypto ads, you can make an informed choice in favor of one platform or another. In the meantime, if you would like to maximize the impact of your crypto marketing efforts within the aforementioned top crypto ad networks, feel free to contact Coinband as a trusted Web 3.0 marketing agency.

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