Monday, July 22, 2024

‘Basw Students and Faculty Participate in LEAD Day Event’


Students and faculty from the Social Work program at PNW recently participated in LEAD Day, organized by the NASW-Indiana Chapter in February 2024. LEAD Day is a crucial opportunity for social work professionals, students, and educators to come together, share stories, educate about the political process, highlight key social work issues, and demonstrate social workers advocating for change.

During LEAD Day, students also had the chance to visit the Indiana Statehouse, engage with legislators, and witness the General Assembly in action. This hands-on experience of lobbying legislators for policy change allowed students to witness social justice in action and actively participate in creating positive change in their community.

One memorable moment from LEAD Day was when students stood alongside Senator David Vinzant from District 3, showcasing the impact and importance of social work advocacy at the legislative level. This experience not only provided valuable insight and practical skills for students but also emphasized the critical role social workers play in advocating for marginalized populations and addressing systemic issues in society.

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