Sunday, June 23, 2024

Arizona Social Workers Recognized for Their Efforts


March has been officially recognized as Social Work Month with a bipartisan Senate resolution introduced by Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema. This resolution aims to honor and support Arizona’s social workers who play a crucial role in serving students, seniors, and families.

Senator Sinema expressed her pride in supporting and celebrating the essential services provided by social workers in Arizona. As a licensed social worker herself and a former professor at ASU’s School of Social Work, Sinema understands the importance of recognizing the valuable contribution of social workers in promoting the health and wellbeing of Arizonans.

The resolution not only acknowledges the vital work of social workers but also designates March 19 as World Social Work Day in recognition of their global impact. Sinema has also established a dedicated social work team in her Arizona offices to assist individuals in crisis by connecting them to necessary emergency services, financial aid, and other benefits they may qualify for.

Arizonans in need of federal assistance are encouraged to reach out to Sinema’s casework team at This initiative by Senator Sinema reinforces the commitment to supporting and uplifting the social work community in Arizona, recognizing their tireless efforts in serving the community.

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