Saturday, July 20, 2024

Animating a global rebrand launch video for Pepsi


Pepsi Unveils Global Rebrand with Stunning Visual Campaign

Pepsi recently revealed its global rebrand with a striking video and imagery showcasing the brand’s new logo in various locations worldwide. Eye Studio, a creative agency specializing in CGI animations and FOOH experiences, teamed up with Pepsi to create visuals for the rebranding campaign.

The collaboration between Eye Studio and Pepsi resulted in visuals that seamlessly integrated with on-ground activations organized by the brand. Creative Director of Eye Studio, Juhi Rupani, expressed excitement about partnering with Pepsi on this transformative journey. Rupani emphasized the careful curation of each element of the campaign to reflect Pepsi’s commitment to innovation and authenticity while maintaining a youthful and dynamic image.

Working closely with the global Pepsi team, Eye Studio developed videos that complemented the on-ground activations, blurring the lines between virtual and reality to enhance Pepsi’s brand presence in diverse landscapes. The team carefully selected locations to amplify the brand’s message and ensure a powerful impact with their dynamic animations for audiences worldwide.

Art Director Taha Dungerwala highlighted the goal of creating animations that seamlessly integrated with Pepsi’s real-world initiatives, emphasizing the campaign’s unique cohesion. Through a deep understanding of Pepsi’s brand ethos and collaboration, Eye Studio achieved a level of unity that truly distinguishes this rebranding campaign.

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