Friday, July 19, 2024

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Burford Capital Implements Cookie Policy for Improved Website Experience

In an effort to enhance user experience and improve website functionality, Burford Capital has implemented a new cookie policy. The site now uses non-essential cookies to provide visitors with a personalized browsing experience. Additionally, analytical cookies are utilized to collect and report information on website usage, helping Burford Capital better understand how users interact with their site.

By visiting the Burford Capital website, users are agreeing to the use of cookies as outlined in the Privacy Policy. It is recommended that visitors review the Privacy Policy for further details on how cookies are used and how they can manage their cookie preferences.

To comply with the new policy, visitors are given the option to either accept or decline cookies. By clicking on the respective buttons, users can choose whether or not they want to allow cookies during their browsing session on the Burford Capital website.

This new initiative by Burford Capital aims to create a more user-friendly and customized experience for visitors while ensuring transparency and control over their personal data.

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