Monday, July 22, 2024

Action Required to Ensure Safe and Affordable Housing for Arizona Families


Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema recently met with the Arizona Department of Housing to address the pressing issue of safe and affordable housing for Arizona families. Sinema expressed her personal commitment to ensuring all Arizonans have access to quality housing that allows them to thrive.

The meeting comes at a critical time as a December 2023 report showed a 23.4% increase in Arizona’s homeless rate over the past three years. Additionally, the median home sale price in Arizona rose to 4,700 in September 2023, reflecting a 4.6% year-over-year increase.

During the discussion, Sinema and representatives from the Arizona Department of Housing explored ways to collaborate on addressing Arizona’s housing priorities within the annual bipartisan appropriations bill.

In a recent announcement, Sinema revealed that she secured two housing grants totaling ,215,400 for the White Mountain Apache and Cocopah Indian Tribes. The grants aim to provide much-needed support for these communities in improving their housing conditions.

Sinema’s ongoing efforts demonstrate her dedication to advocating for safe and affordable housing solutions for all Arizonans. By working together with state agencies and communities, she is committed to bolstering Arizona’s housing supply to create quality living spaces for residents to thrive in.

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