Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Achieving Sustainability Goals through Digitalization in Manufacturing


Sustainability in manufacturing has evolved from just a trendy phrase to a crucial aspect of business operations. With new emissions regulations in the U.S. and a growing focus on eco-conscious consumer sentiments, the pressure is on for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Smart factory operations are increasingly synonymous with achieving sustainability goals, as highlighted by industry experts.

Rodrigo Alves, sustainability and energy management business EMEA manager at Rockwell Automation subsidiary Kalypso, emphasized the importance of integrating digitalization and sustainability regardless of the company size. Digitalization can optimize energy consumption, improve product yield, and minimize waste, leading to a positive environmental impact.

Neal Walters, a partner in Kearney’s strategic operations practice, emphasized the benefits of reducing energy consumption and automating processes to achieve sustainability goals. By automating audits and collecting data, companies like EOS have been able to track their energy consumption and monitor progress towards sustainability targets.

EOS, a provider of 3D-printed manufacturing solutions, uses data transparency to pinpoint areas where energy usage can be reduced. By offering tools like a “carbon calculator” to customers, EOS empowers them to make sustainable decisions based on carbon emissions per part.

Automating operations is key to the success of smart factory operations, as highlighted by industry experts like Björn Hannappel and Trevor Kirsten. By combining data tracking with automation, companies can optimize processes and reduce inefficiencies in manufacturing operations.

Ultimately, the integration of digitalization, sustainability, and automation is crucial for manufacturing companies looking to improve their environmental impact and long-term performance. By leveraging technology and data transparency, companies can drive sustainable decisions and streamline operations for a more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

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