Monday, July 22, 2024

Acer unveils exciting new product lineup at Computex 2024


Today at Computex, Acer introduced a variety of new products across multiple categories, emphasizing its focus on technological innovation and design. The lineup includes high-performance gaming monitors, enterprise-ready Chromebooks, advanced 3D cameras, and smart home devices.

Each product is designed to cater to specific user needs, from gamers and photographers to professionals and home users. Here’s a detailed overview of what Acer is bringing to the market.

Targeted at photographers and 3D enthusiasts, the SpatialLabs Eyes Stereo Camera is set to revolutionize 3D photography. Priced at $549 in the US and $749 in Canada, this device features dual 8MP cameras and a weatherproof design, making it a perfect gadget for capturing life in immersive 3D. Availability is scheduled for Q3 in North America.

Acer’s Predator series expands with three new gaming monitors: the X27U F3, X32 X3, and X34 X5. These monitors are equipped with OLED displays and boast impressive refresh rates — up to 480 Hz for the X27U F3. With prices starting at $1,099.99, these monitors promise to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience starting in Q3 for the X27U F3 and Q4 for the others.

The DA271K and DA321QK smart monitors are designed to enhance productivity and entertainment with their 4K UHD displays. Meanwhile, the Nitro GA series offers up to a 180 Hz refresh rate, perfect for smooth gaming. These monitors are set to hit the market in Q4, with prices beginning at $349.99.

The Wave 7 and Predator Connect W6x routers cater to gamers and heavy internet users, offering speeds up to 6400 Mbps. These routers, featuring the latest in Wi-Fi technology, are expected to launch in Q2, though prices have yet to be announced.

The new Aspire C24 and C27 all-in-one desktops combine sleek design with powerful performance, including up to an Intel Core Ultra 7 processor and 2TB of storage. The Aspire C27 will be available in North America starting at $899.99 in Q3.

The Chromebook Plus Enterprise 515 and the Spin 514 are Acer’s latest entries into the enterprise market, boasting robust management and security features. Prices start at $649.99, with availability beginning in June for the Enterprise 515 and August for the Spin 514.

Lastly, the TravelMate series has been updated with the P6 and P4 models, featuring the latest Intel processors and enhanced AI capabilities. These business-oriented laptops will be available starting in July, with prices kicking off at $1,229.99.

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