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A look inside plans for the largest library in Africa featuring a tokenization research facility – StartUp Beat


With the upcoming G7 Summit to be held shortly, a focus is expected to on Africa and the continued growth of its economy.

One recent announcement related to the region and innovation involves the Proposed Hekima University, which is looking to build a new campus following an agreement with the Crescite Innovation Corporation, an organization with the aim of delivering impact-driven innovation with decentralized technologies.

According to a statement from the organizations, the new campus will act as a catalyst for the development of blockchain solutions aided by plans to the largest library in Africa featuring a tokenization research facility. 

Eddie Cullen, CEO of Crescite, said in a release that: “Crescite’s landmark agreement with Proposed Hekima University represents an incredible milestone for the progress of faith-based impact development and research into tokenization and web3 technologies.” 

Dr. Elias Mokua, the Proposed Vice Chancellor for the Proposed Hekima University, commented, “Our 75-acre campus will act as a unique proof-of-concept, demonstrating how a tokenized community can function.”

Dr. Elias Mokua

The Proposed Hekima University is a center of education, research and intellectual scholarship that provides education and spiritual formation to students.

The educational institution rides on a global Jesuit tradition of providing high-level quality and competitive education founded on the ethos of excellence and rigor.

Once the new campus is created, the Proposed Hekima University will act as a research center with a close focus on understanding an increasingly volatile and complex world. 

The partnership is also expected to see a subnet creation for Hekima on the XDC Network, which is an enterprise-grade, open-source blockchain protocol.

Said Atul Khekade, Co-Founder of XDC, “Tokenization of real-world assets like the new campus in Molo built on XDC Network demonstrates enterprise-grade capabilities of XDC Network’s blockchain protocol. We wish all the best to Crescite for taking this up. The tech teams and decentralized infrastructure of XDC Network will remain open to supporting their teams.”

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