Monday, July 15, 2024

1Password’s Extended Access Management aims to secure modern workforces


The work landscape has changed enormously in recent years with hybrid and remote working now becoming the norm. This makes it harder for businesses to secure their systems as there’s no longer a clearly defined network perimeter.

1Password now has an Extended Access Management feature that helps organizations to secure every sign-in to every application from every device.

Features include securing devices by monitoring device health in real-time to identify and remediate device compliance issues before permitting access, even for bring-your-own devices and contractors.

Enterprise password management securely stores and shares credentials and sensitive information — from logins and SSH keys to credit cards — with 1Password’s enterprise password manager. In addition universal sign-on extends single sign-on (SSO) to every application and website to reduce risk and secure every authentication, no matter how users sign in.

There’s also contextual access management which applies policies to block access to apps on unhealthy devices and guide end users through self-remediation to regain access quickly.

“If I think about security, one of the hardest things is portfolio management, that’s getting people to do the right thing,” says Steve Won, CPO of 1Password. “So if we have more tools to actually automate and make high fidelity matching is that sort of brings to mind what you’re going to be able to do, like a certain extent, you will need APIs if you take the same actions within a GUI on behalf of the user. So I’m excited about the tools.”

The company also also keen to adopt passkey technology. Won adds, “Even though 1Password is our name we want people to use passkeys pretty soon. This year, we’ll be hiring people to use passkeys, we know it’s better user experience and it’s a better model as well.”

Additional beta features coming to Extended Access Management in fall 2024 include user identity to secure the workforce by managing the entire lifecycle of end-user identity from provisioning user access to off-boarding. Plus application visibility to secure all applications by providing IT and security teams visibility into the use of unmanaged applications, including shadow IT, in their businesses, enabling them to take newly discovered applications from unseen to managed.

1Password’s VP EMEA Oliver Cheal says, “Of course you always have those legacy systems around where we have to export assurance in different ways, but we we look at the access trust gap. Coming into the secure device accessing an application that we know about, and the fact that our experience for every device a company does know about there’s a large number of applications they don’t.”

You can find out more on the 1Password blog.

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