Wednesday, June 19, 2024

‘£105.9m Mental Health Institute Site Receives Time Capsule Burial’


North View is a cutting-edge mental health unit that is being constructed by the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH) at a cost of £105.9 million. Collaborating with its Principal Supply Chain Partner, Integrated Health Projects (IHP), GMMH aims to have the project completed and operational by the end of this year. The unit will replace the existing Park House adult mental health inpatient unit located at the North Manchester General Hospital site.

North View will feature various wards, including a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), an older adults ward, seven adult acute wards, and a treatment suite. Additionally, the unit will provide spacious single bedrooms with private en-suite shower rooms, indoor activity areas, meeting rooms for families, multiple gardens, spaces for therapeutic artwork, and a café. This development aligns with North Manchester General Hospital’s long-term vision to enhance health and wellbeing for the local community in the next decade.

One unique aspect of North View is its commitment to sustainability. It will be the first all-electric mental health unit in the country, supporting the NHS’s goal of achieving net zero emissions. The building will use energy-efficient heat pump technology for heating, cooling, and hot water generation, along with thermally efficient materials and self-generated electricity through solar panels.

A significant event during the construction process was the burial of a time capsule at the site, containing contributions from various stakeholders such as patients, staff, schools, and contractors. The ceremony was attended by key figures including the Chair of GMMH, Chief Finance Director, representatives from Manchester City Council and NHS England, as well as patients, staff, and school pupils. After the ceremony, attendees were given a tour of the construction site to witness the progress firsthand.

In conclusion, the North View project represents a pivotal moment in shaping mental health services in North Manchester and preserving the community’s history for future generations. Through innovative design, sustainable practices, and community involvement, GMMH is setting a new standard for mental health care in the region.

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